9 May 2018

9th May - Europe Day

Europe Day is the name of an annual observance by the European Union (EU), held on 9 May. It is also known as Schuman Day, in commemoration of the 1950 Schuman Declaration. It is the EU's "equivalent of a national day", and its observance is strongly associated with the display of the EU's equivalent of a national flag, the "European flag or emblem"

And for the first time ever, support for Ireland remaining in the EU is at over 90%


Although her youth is long behind her, Gisela still longs to experience the sights of Europe. Her grandchildren decide to raise enough money to send her on her dream adventure, but their plan has unexpected results..


And there is even a cause for the canonisation of Robert Schumann, one of the Fathers of the EU:

'EU saint' waiting for a miracle 
Vatican resists drive to canonise EU founder

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