18 Apr 2011

Vatican Blognic - Irish Domincan Vocations flies the flag! - UPDATED

For those not familiar with the term, a blognic is a generally a gathering of bloggers (usually centred around a few social drinks and maybe a bite to eat of some kind) to discuss the joys and pit falls around blogging and the nature of the whole blogosphere, as well as exchanging ideas and discussing challenges.

The Vatican has decided that since the Holy Father called on Catholics to engage actively with the internet and social media  that they had better investigate what it was all about and in a rather short period of time decided to hold a blognic to conincide with the beatification of Pope John Paul II in Rome. However, in their wisdom, they only had places for 150 people!

Well from the website of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications:

"Over 750 requests were made and a hard decision-making process had to be put in place to ensure, as much as is possible, a broad representation of the blogosphere. There are some famous bloggers and some new bloggers, some are institutional, others personal, some tell vocational stories and others comment on international news or local issues. Some are well-financed, most are run on a shoestring.

It was touching being involved in your issues, from coping with death, to the joys of parenting, the hopefulness of youth, to fear of change, not to mention the many causes and campaigns promoted, particularly in the new evangelisation. While some pre-choices were made to ensure a diversified presence, for the final selection we simply gave each blogger a number and had someone choose numbers randomly.

I hope those not on the list will not feel excluded. The bloggers present in the Room will surely keep you informed and engaged. They may even organise a livestream.  It is also to be hoped that this is just the beginning of a dialogue.

The 150 will receive further indications after Easter, but should note now that we are not covering your expenses – the invitation was always intended for bloggers who would be in Rome for the Beatification.

Selection to attend does not imply Vatican approval of the contents of any of the blogs.  Neither does non-selection imply disapproval.

Thanking you for your patience and understanding – this has already been a good learning experience for us"

Regular readers will recognise some of the bloggers on the list who are linked to frequently on this blog but included in the 150 bloggers, flying the Irish and Dominican flags is Irish Dominican Vocations "under the baton" of Fr Gerard Dunne OP who is the Vocations Director for the Irish Province of the Order of Preachers!

Buon viaggio to Fr Gerard!! 

Here's hoping that the blognic contributes to a more cohesive communications approach from the Vatican and helps brings it into the 21st Century!


We also say Buon viaggio to Fr Gabriel Burke from the Diocese of Cloyne who will also be attending at the blognic as well as Carole Brown who lives and work in Dublin and blogs at A Light to the Nations and Phil Ewing who is originally from Ennis Co Clare and now living and blogging in Cornwall.

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