2 Apr 2011

Discover the Holy Land through a new website of the Franciscans

For the past 800 years, the Franciscan friars have been committed by the Holy See with the preservation and guardianship of all Catholic shrines in the Holy Land. They have nearly a millenium of experience in welcoming pilgrims to the shrines of Israel and surrounding areas.

These Franciscans have now made their extensive knowledge of the Holy Land available to the world by launching a new website in six languages that explains their work, the shrines, and the available pilgrimages to the land where Christianity was born.

The Holy Land includes Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, and Rhodes. The Franciscan friars have guarded the Christian treasures of these lands for centuries, and now are able to share that heritage with those that desire to experience the Holy Land from a distance.

Further information can be got from http://www.custodia.org/

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