20 Aug 2011

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time - 21 August 2011 including reflection on Knock

On this weeks programme, John, Lorraine and Michael reflect on the meaning of the Apparition of Knock, as well as looking at the weekly gospel as well as a quick run through the saints of the week.

The podcast is now available on our podcast page.

Michael lead us through a short reflection on the Apparition at Knock, an apparition where not only did Our Lady appear but as Michael said "she also brought along the entire family". As Lorraine reminded us, Our Lady never appears in her own name but always to point the way to her Divine Son.

If you would like to find our more about Knock or ongoing events during the year, head over to the website of the shrine.

If you would like to hear a further extended reflection about Knock, we attach a link to the podcast for Michael's reflection which was first broadcast on 30 May 2010.

Gospel - Mathew 16:13-20

"Who do people say the Son of Man is? Who do YOU say I am?"

The weeks gospel Jesus poses a stark question for us, a very deep and somewhat harsh question for each follower of Christ, who do you say he is? Such a question could be the focus of our lectio on this weeks gospel. Who do you say he is? Such a question raises many challenges for us as individuals.

It is termed a gospel of hope because it reminds us that although the human agents of the church have been sinful, that at times the members of that church have not lived up to their baptismal calling, the church has survived because it is not our church, it is God's. Despite what looks like it is falling apart, it will survive.

          Lord, many people today are drifting through life, unsure of their identity.
       Remind them that your son Jesus too had to make the journey to being himself.
       Send them humble companions like Simon Peter who will see them in their truth,
       not replicas of anyone else, but your sons and daughters,
       anointed by you for a particular mission in the world.

       Lord, there was a time when we felt discouraged, wondering if our work was in vain.
       Then we came to a place, our own Caesarea Philippi,
       and we found that there were people who understood what we were about;
       we knew at that moment that the cause we had given our lives for
       was now on a solid foundation,
       the forces of evil would not hold out against it,
       and we could hand it over with confidence to our successors.

       Lord, every once in a way you send us young people who are special to us
       their teachers, parents or community leaders.
       Whereas others have only a vague idea of the message we are trying to convey,
       they understand it perfectly.
       We experience them as a gift,
       we know that it was not our hard work that revealed things to them;
       it was you yourself who taught them.
       Without being able to prove it, we know for certain that they will never fail us.
       Thank you Lord, for these blessed ones.

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Saints of the Week

August 22nd - Feast of the Queenship of Mary
August 23rd - St Rose of Lima OP
August 24th - St Bartholmew (Apostle)
August 25th - St Louis of France
August 26th - St John Bassano
August 27th - St Monica

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