13 Aug 2011

14th August 2011 - World Youth Day 2011

On this weeks programme, John and the team have a discussion with young (and not so young) pilgrims from Limerick diocese that are heading to Madrid to participate in World Youth Day 2011.

This weeks podcast is available here.

World Youth Day 2011

World Youth Day (or in short 'WYD') was initiated by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1985. It is celebrated diocesan level annually, and at a week-long international level every two to three years at different locations Rome (2000), Toronto (2003), Cologne (2006) Sydney (2008) and this year it is being held in Madrid, Spain. The international level events attract hundreds of thousands of youth from almost every country on the planet.

This year WYD 2011 is being hosted in Madrid and the theme is "Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in faith" (Col 2:7). Spain becomes the first country aside from Italy and Vatican City to host WYD twice. The last time WYD was in Spain was in 1989 in Santiago de Compestella

Each WYD has its own theme song which is a reflection on the overall theme of the celebration. This year's song is "Firm in Faith" (click to listen and it will open in a seperate tab).
This years WYD has the following patron saints:
  • St John of the Cross (Carmelite saint and mystic)
  • St Ignatious of Loyola (founder of the Jesuits)
  • St Francis Xavier (Missionary extraordinaire)
  • St Isidore the Worker
  • St Maria of the Head
  • St Rafael Arnaiz
  • St John of Avila
  • St Teresa of Avila (re-founder of the Carmelite order and mystic)
  • St Rose of Lima
  • Blessed Pope John Paul II
You can read about the saints and their lives here at the official WYD website.

Pope Benedict XVI will be attending WYD and will lead the Vigil and final Mass of the celebration. But, he reminds us all that "I am not the star......I am only the vicar. I point beyond myself to the Other who is in our midst."

If you want to find out more about Youth Ministry at the diocesan level in Limerick please have a look here.

Because the discussion was going so well about WYD 2011, we didn't get around to our usual lectio on this weeks Sunday gospel. However, for those of you looking for you guidance or inspiration for your lectio please have a look at the following links:

Saints of the Week

August 15th - Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
August 16th - St Stephen of Hungary
August 17th - St Clare of Montefalco
August 18th - St Helena
August 19th - St John Eudes
August 20th - St Bernard of Clairvaux

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