18 Aug 2011

Some WYD related web browsing............

Just some quick highlights from the coverage online from WYD 2011. The coverage is extensive and the blogosphere is covered and recovered in links, photos, videos links and cross links so it is a tad diffifcult to pick out a few things to share.

First off, h/t to Deacon Greg, worth a thousand words

Pilgrims at World Youth Day in Madrid get a peek at the pope

If you want to follow online, Salt + Light in Canda is one of the best places to watch online along with EWTN.

The Vatican's own newsite News.va is carrying the texts of the Pope's addresses, video's and vox pop's from pilgrims.

One headline that caught our eye was "Young Catholics of Ireland "reassured" by World Youth Day"

Rome Reports is also carrying short video's of events in Madrid.

Meanwhile, the uber Catholic Blogger Rocco over at Whispers in the Loggia is keeping tabs of things on his Twitter account including links and updates to schedules if you want to keep track of what is happening in Madrid.

At the opening Mass on Tuesday, Cardinal Tells Youth Faith Is an Adventure at World Youth Day's First Mass 

On his arrival at the airport in Madrid, Pope Benedict poses the question, "Why has this multitude come?" He says to young people "Do not be ashamed of the Lord".

Pope Benedicts opening address to WYD 2011 - "Build your lives upon the firm foundation of Christ"
Pope says listening to, praying with young is a great joy.

You might be forgiven for thinking that based on the news reports from the BBC and RTE that Madrid was burning - Madrid protests ahead of Pope's World Youth Day but for an alternative take on the situation have a look at The pope draws 1.5 million young people to Madrid – but that's not news?

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