11 Mar 2012

11th March 2012 - 3rd Sunday of Lent (Year B) - Stations of the Cross

This weeks programme is a bit more reflective as this week is the 3rd Sunday of Lent so we are half way through our Lenten journey. The programme is a bit more reflective, prayerful with a focus on the Stations of the Cross which are a very traditional Lenten practise. We also have our regular reflection on the gospel as well as some notices and the saints.

This weeks podcast is available HERE.

Stations of the Cross

Bruce Onobrakpeya Urhobo, Nigeria
Stations of the Cross - Source
This week is the 3rd Sunday of Lent so we are half way through our Lenten journey. So this morning we are doing a more reflective, prayerful programme with a focus on the Stations of the Cross which are a very traditional Lenten practise.

The Station reflections which we use are by Fr Richard Furey CSsR. They are called Mary's Stations as  they follow the mother of Jesus as she walks the road to Calvary, where Jesus was crucified, emphasizing her sense of surrender: "I knew it had to be, so I walked on silently." Enter an intimate journey of faith through a deep reflection that will unite one's pain and suffering with Jesus on the cross through the sorrowful heart of His Mother.

For those that are interested the text of the reflections are available here.

We have also created a podcast of the Stations from this mornings show for those that just want to listen to the Stations today or again during Lent - HERE.

Gospel - John 2:13-25 - The Cleansing of the Temple

Source: Christ Cleansing the Temple (Jeffrey Weston)
This week we take a break from the gospel of Mark this week and listen to John's account of the first Passover in Jerusalem where Jesus gets into direct confrontation with the Jewish authorities by physically condemning the practise where by the animal sellers and money changers had set up a market within the Temple precincts.

In and of themselves what was happening was not wrong, they were facilitating the proper liturgical worship in the Temple but they were exploiting those that came to worship. Jesus full of zeal for his Fathers house is dismayed to see the impediments and abuses being put in the way of those striving to participate and encounter the Lord in the Temple and how burdens and obstructions have been put in the way of encountering the Lord as set out in the Jewish tradition. He drives out the animals and over turns the tables of the money changers but we don't hear that he drove people out, rather just the things that were causing chaos and confusion in the Court of the Gentiles. Jesus would never seek to drive people away from the House of His Father, his mission was to bring us back to the love of the Father.

Have we truly allowed space in our lives, our hearts - the Temple of the Holy Spirit in us - or are there distractions and things in the way? Are we just observing the external niceties of our faith or are we truly making space for God this Lenten season?

Other reflections on this weeks gospel:

Word on Fire
English Dominicans
Renewal Ministries
Sunday Reflections

Saints of the Week

Psalter - Week 3

March 11th - Bl Thomas Atkinson (one of the 85 martyrs of England, Wales and Scotland)
March 12th - St Peter of Nicomedia (martyr) St Mura of Fahan
March 13th - St Gerald  
March 14th - 47 Martyrs of Rome
March 15th - St Louise de Marillac
March 16th - Bl Robert Dalby (Martyr)
March 17th - St Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, Patron of Emigrants (Solemnity in Ireland)

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