21 Mar 2012

IX Station: Jesus falls the third time

We adore you O Christ and we praise,
Because by your holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

Jesus Falls the Third Time

And they brought him to the place called Golgotha’. Mark 15:22
The journey of Jesus to Golgotha, the ‘place of the Skull’ is a slow, painful haul. His journey to public execution is meant to deter others from a similar path. He is verbally accused and abused by onlookers as he struggles to maintain his last reserves of strength. Despite his fall for the third time, Jesus finds an inner strength to continue. It is his deep relationship with God that enables him to rise once more.

Moments in My Life

What happens in me when I am falsely accused ?
What helps me and what hinders me to seek forgiveness for the times I have falsely accused others?
Take a moment to reflect in silence on these aspects of your life. Being falsely accused or falsely accusing another  leaves us with a sense of soreness of spirit. We can soon lose sense of our inner goodness and feel a sense of discomfort and unease.
Turn your heart to God and allow God to transform you.
Jesus, you know the harsh reality of false accusations as you journey to the Cross. Move my mind, heart and will to make choices that are life- giving for myself and others. Transform my  desires  so that I only long for that which is true and good. Lead me to that place within where I can find strength and healing and the courage for a new beginning.

Forgive my need to diminish others in order to promote my own sense of worth. Help me to believe in my own giftedness so that I can delight in the giftedness of others. Help me to learn as I walk with you on your way of the Cross

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