4 Mar 2012

2nd Sunday of Lent (Year B) - 4th March 2012

On this weeks programme we have short piece about a parish's efforts to support a young cancer sufferer, we have our regular reflection on the Sunday gospel as well as a quick run through the saints of the week.

This weeks podcast is available HERE.

Princess Lauren Fund

On this week’s programme we speak to Fr. Terry Loughran, the Parish Priest of Cappagh parish in West Limerick. Fr. Terry spoke about the ‘Princess Lauren Fund’. Lauren McGrath is a six year old who has been battling with leukaemia for the last number of years. The fund is named ‘Princess Lauren’, because Lauren’s nickname among her family and friends is Princess. Before Christmas Lauren appeared to be improving, however the leukaemia has returned again. Lauren is currently undergoing nine days of intensive chemotherapy which will be followed by a stem cell transplant. The Christian community of Cappagh, Askeaton and Kilcornan have banded together to help support Lauren and her family at this time with a number of fundraising initiatives:
  • 65 brave people are currently taking part in the ‘Lose it for Lauren’ campaign where they will attempt to lose weight during Lent. The weigh in total for the group was 850 St 5lbs. We are asking people to guess the final weight of the group after Lent for € 2.00 a go.
  • € 1,000.00 was raised at a cake sale in Cappagh last weekend.
  • From March 9th onwards wristbands in a variety of colours will be on sale in local businesses and schools at € 2.00 each. We are asking the young (and not so young!) to wear the wristband as a sign of solidarity with Lauren and her family.
  • On Sunday, March 18th, there will be a concert and CD launch in Rathkeale House Hotel. Entry is only € 5.00 and will feature a number of local artists followed by a dance.
If anyone wishes to donate directly to the fund, please contact:

Cois Sionna Credit Union Ltd, Church St., Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Tel: + 353 61 392237 Email: info@coissionnacu.ie Account Name: Princess Lauren Fund. Alternatively you can contact Fr. Terry Loughran at + 353 86 8103482

All profits will go towards helping Lauren and her family financially at this time. Even if you cannot afford to donate towards the fund, we ask you to please, please remember Lauren and her family in your prayers. Fr. Terry will keep us updated on Lauren’s progress and the fundraising.

Gospel - Mark 9: 2-10 - The Transfiguration

A very familiar gospel presented to us again this morning, which we hear twice in the liturgical year. The gospel recounts a manifestation of Jesus's divinity to his disciples to reassure them as Jesus faces towards Jerusalem.

Again we have the three reliables - Peter, James, John - the closests companions of Jesus who accompanied Jesus up Tabor, and also to Gethsemene. But even despite the Transfiguration, they ran away from him during his Passion. So their prescence there is a reminder of hope to us, that we don't need to see the manifestion of the divine to have faith. It also reminds us that no matter what happens, Jesus is always ready to welcome us back like he did with those three after his Resurrection.

The mountain reference of course reminds of the holy mountains of the Old Testament - Sinai, Horeb, Moriah and of course the ultimate one - Calvary. In Ireland we are familiar with the idea of seeking an encounter with the divine on high places such as Croagh Patrick or Mount Brandon etc. It is a reminder to us that the journey to seek God is a continous one and is often times not easy, it can seem like an insurmmountable climb to make the effort to seek God.

During the event, the disciples were over shadowed by the Cloud - the ancient symbol of the presence of God in the Old Testament. We have the echoing of the scene by the Jordan at the Baptism. We hear again the voice of the Father which spoke to the disciples and which still speaks to us. "This is my Son, the Beloved, Listen to Him". Surely the call of the gospel to us during this Lenten season is that we listen to God speaking to us in the silence and also the busy-ness of our daily lives.

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Saints of the Week

Psalter - Week 2

March 5th - St Kieran
March 6th - St Sylvester of Assisi
March 7th - St Teresa Margaret Redi. Also Ss Perpetua and Felicity
March 8th - St Senan
March 9th - St Frances of Rome
March 10th - St John Ogilvie SJ

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