14 Jul 2012

14th July 2012 - 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) - The Presentation Sisters

On this weeks programme, we are joined by Sr Elizabeth Ryan PBVM who introduces us to the Presentation Sisters founded by Nano Nagle. We have our regular sharing on the gospel reading for the Sunday and some other odds and ends.
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Presentation Sisters - celebrating 175 years in Limerick

John interviews Sr Elizabeth Ryan from the Presentation sisters who were celebrating 175 years in Limerick. The Presentation Sisters were formed in Cork city by Nano Nagle - the Woman of the Lantern - in 1775. Nano Nagle founded the Institute of the Charitable Instruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Christmas Eve, 1775, in Cork, Ireland in response to the need to provide basic education to Catholic children in the city who due to the Penal Laws had no access to education. This foundation was the fruit of more than twenty years of loving service to the poor of that city where she had founded her first school as a lay woman, in 1754. Sr Elizabeth tell us the story of this great pioneer of education.

To-day, Nano Nagle is regarded as one of the great pioneers of Catholic education. Her work laid the foundation for a voluntary school system in Ireland and for the wide range of ministries to which Presentation Sisters around the world remain committed to this day. Her spirit and tradition continue to inspire Presentation Sisters and Friends of Nano everywhere.
The sisters came to Sexton Street and opened a small school assisted by Maria King in 1837 who invited them from Cork to work in Limerick City. Currently there are 52 Presentation houses in the province, 272 sisters and a large number of Associate members and Colleagues.

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Prayers through Intercession of Nano Nagle

O God, You filled the heart of Nano Nagle with loving care and compassion for the needy. Through her intercession, help us in our need… Grant that, like her, we may do Your Will, and that we may grow in Your Love and in the love of neighbour. Through Christ our Lord.
O God, Who enkindled in Nano Nagle, the fire of Your love and a consuming desire to serve You in any part of the world, grant that we also may love You, and make You much loved. And if it be for the salvation of souls, grant that soon she may be raised to the altars of Your Church. Through Christ our Lord.

Gospel - Mark 6: 7-13

We continue with Mark's gospel again this week where we continue the reading of chapter 6. Jesus is sending out the Twelve, commissioned to preach the Good News. It is almost as if we are listening to the reconfiguration of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Twelve are sent out in pairs to share the Good News, a sending which still applies to us today.

"Go, you are sent" - these are the words at the end of Mass with which we are sent out into the community into the world and by our lives and witness we are asked to proclaim the Good News. It is a command, an imperative that applies to us all. We are called to share our relationship with Jesus with those with whom we meet; christianity is not a set of rules and regulations, it is a relationship of love with Jesus Christ.

The apostles are sent out, told to live and rely on the community, to live in the now. We are asked to live in the now, even though it may be the almost impossible thing to do. We are asked to live and rest in the Lord in the now. God is not present in the past, he is not out there in the future. Rather as he described himself, I AM; present here and now with us.

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Liturgical odds and ends

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Saints of the Week

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July 17th - Sixteen Blessed Teresian Martyrs of Compiègne
July 18th - St Frederick of Utrecht
July 19th - St Macrina the Younger
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