21 Jul 2012

22nd July 2012 - Sacrament of Ordination (16th Sunday of Ordinary time Year B)

On this weeks programme we resume our series on the Sacraments of the church and this week we are joined by Fr Chris O'Donnell to discuss the Sacrament of Ordination.

This weeks podcast is available HERE.

Sacrament of Ordination

This week we are continuing our series on the Sacraments and we are joined by Fr Chris O'Donnell to discuss the Sacrament of Ordination. Fr Chris takes us through a reflection/discussion on one of the Sacrament at the Service of Communion - sacraments that can only be once.
He looks at what is a sacrament? We all have a different take on this and so it might be good to establish a working definition as such. What are the steps along the way? – Just to remind ourselves that it is not a ‘one day’ thing, there were certain ‘orders’ (as they use to be called) involved along the way.

We look at what is involved in the actual ordination rite and Fr Chris leads us through the symbolism and signs of the ordination rite and what are the meanings and understandings behind each step -
  • The Calling and presentation of the candidate
  • The election by the bishop and consent of the people
  • Homily
  • Veni Creator hymn 
  • Examination of the Candidate
  • Making of vows of obedience
  • Litany of the Saints and the prostration by the candidate
  • Prayer of Consecration and Laying on of hands
  • Investiture with the priestly stole and chasuble
  • Annointing of the hands with chrism
  • Presentation of the chalice and paten (gifts from the people of God to be offered to God)
  • Kiss of Peace
Fr Chris' talk about the sacrament is excerpted from the main programme podcast and can be listened to HERE.

Fr Chris's talk on the programme on Vocation Sunday is available HERE.
Further links and information on the Sacrament are available at the following:
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catholic Encyclopedia (1911)
Ask.com - Sacrament of Ordination (a lot of good links at this link giving further information)
American Catholic.org - The Sacraments (links to a couple of short articles looking at various points concerning the sacrament)
Gospel - Mark 6: 30-34

We didn't get time to reflect on this weeks gospel on this weeks programme. However, if you are looking for some resources/reflections for lectio on this weeks gospel, some reflections are available from:

Word on Fire
Sunday Reflections
English Dominicans
Centre for Liturgy

Saints of the Week
Divine Office - Psalter Week 4

July 23rd - St Bridget of Sweden (co-patron of Europe)
July 24th - St Declan of Ardmore
July 25th - St James the Greater (the saint associated with the Camino de Santiago and Patron Saint of the Sacred Space 102fm blog for 2012) 
July 26th - St Joachim and St Anne (parents of BV Mary, grandparents of Jesus and patron saint of grandparents)
July 27th - Bl Mary Magdalene Martinengo
July 28th - Bl John Soreth

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