13 Oct 2012

14th October 2012 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) - Newcastle West Parish Mission

On this weeks programme John is joined by Fr Frank Duhig and Fr Brian Nolan CSSR to talk about the Newcastle West parish mission as well as our regular reflection on this weeks Sunday gospel.

This weeks podcast is available HERE.

Newcastle West Parish Mission - "The Lord says: 'I will place a new heart within you'" (Ezekiel 26:26)

Newcastle West is undertaking a parish mission from Sunday OCtober 14th to Friday 19th Ocotober which is being faciliated by the Redemptorists. John is joined by Fr Brian Nolan and Fr Frank Duhig to discuss the mission on this weeks programme.

The outline of the weeks mission is as follows:

Sunday, October 14th
  • 12.30pm Sunday Mass with a Blessing of Babies and young children.
  • 7.30pm. Opening of the Mission - Keeping the Faith and finding hope
Monday to Friday, October 15th - 19th
  • Mass at 7.00am. and 10.am.
  • Evening Session at 7.30pm.
Themes of the week:
  • Monday  - Finding Christ in our brokenness
  • Tuesday - Why remain a Catholic?
  • Wednesday - Focus on Youth
  • Thursday - Family and relationships
  • Friday - A celebration of community
Evening Session does not include Mass.

Mass of Anointing for the Sick and Elderly:- takes place on Wednesday, October 17th at 3.00pm. If you have sick or elderly relations, neighbours or friends, please help to bring them along to this special Mass for the Sacrament of Anointing.

Gospel - Mark 10: 17-30

This weeks gospel recounts the encounter between Jesus and the Rich Young Man. It sets out their encounter and how this good man sought council and guidance from Jesus. While this young man can say he has done well with the commandment 4- 12; Jesus challenges him about his personal relationship with God which is being blocked by his desire for riches. Jesus challenges him to action and even today Jesus is challenging us today. Riches in themselves are not being attacked in this weeks gospel but rather our human attachment to wealth which can become a block or a hindrance to our relationship to God. What in our lives are we attached to which is hindering our relationship, our giving of ourselves to God?

Reflections on this weeks gospel:

Word on Fire
Sunday Reflections
English Dominicans
Blue Eyed Ennis
Centre for Liturgy

Liturgical Odds and Ends

Divine Office - Week 4

Saints of the Week

October 15th - St Teresa of Avila
October 16th - St Margaret Mary Alacoque
October 17th - St Ignatius of Antioch
October 18th - St Luke the Evangelist
October 19th - St Paul of the Cross
October 20th - St Aidan of Mayo

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