16 Oct 2012

Synod of Bishops - Irish perspectives UPDATED

"We have a product which is extraordinary and we have to get our act together to bring it to as many people as possible. The way we [communicate] things at times is a total disaster and we have to be humble and say, ‘we need to do better.’ We need to start using language that people understand.... We need to tell people we are not here to impose, but that we are here to propose.
Auxiliary Bishop-elect of Malta


Interview with The Sunday Times

14 October 2


As readers/listeners may be aware, the Synod of Bishops is currently ongoing in Rome at the moment
The Synod is an advisory body for the Pope. It is "a group of bishops who have been chosen from different regions of the world and meet together at fixed times to foster closer unity between the Roman Pontiff and bishops, to assist the Roman Pontiff with their counsel in the preservation and growth of faith and morals and in the observance and strengthening of ecclesiastical discipline, and to consider questions pertaining to the activity of the Church in the world".
The current Synod is discussing The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith
For those that would like an Irish perspective on the Synod Prof Eamonn Conway (of Mary I) who is attending the Synod as a theological advisor at the request of the Holy Father has given an interview to Vatican Radio which can be read and listened to HERE.
Bishop Kieran O'Reilly from the diocese of Killaloe along with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are the representatives of the Irish episcopal conference at the Synod and Bishop Kieran has been blogging at the Diocese of Killaloe website and you can catch up with him HERE.
From a non- Irish perspective, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York blogs HERE and Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington is blogging HERE. John Allen of t he National Catholic Reporter is covering the Synod HERE and HERE and always check in with Rocco over at Whispers in the Loggia as well to see what he has got covered.
For the official Vatican documents and daily reports of the contributions of the Synod Fathers check out:
  • Lineamenta and Instrumentum Laboris - these are the working documents of the Synod and consist of a series of questions circulated to the various episcopal conferences and the summation of the responses received and issues to be discussed. 
  • Bulletins from the Synod in English
 News.va and Vatican Radio are also covering the Synod and have interesting articles and reflections which are easy to digest!


Coverage of Archbishop Diarmuid Martins intervention (address) at the Synod covered by:

And the full text from the Archdiocese of Dublin website.

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