31 Oct 2012

The Sistine Chapel - Celebrating 500 years!

Rome Reports - Five hundred years ago, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was inaugurated by Pope Julius II. It was a day before the Feast Day of All Saints, that Michelangelo's masterpiece was shown to the public. The renowned artist spent four years working on the ceiling, which is about 65 feet high. The striking ceiling depicts scenes from the Bible, like Creation and Original sin. It's truly a priceless work of art. Michelangelo's masterpiece covers an area of roughly 11,840 feet.


Vatican Radio - Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Vespers on Wednesday in the Sistine Chapel, 500 years after his predecessor Pope Julius II did the same thing to mark the completion of Michelangelo’s ceiling masterpiece. Charles Collins reports here for Vatican Radio.

L’Osservatore Romano - Every day at least 10,000 people – 20,000 in high-tourist season – enter the Sistine Chapel. People from all backgrounds, languages and cultures, from every religion or no religion. The Sistine Chapel has a fatal attraction; it is an object of desire, that essential point of arrival for international people of museums, for migrants of so-called “cultural tourism”. Continue reading here.

Blue Eyed Ennis has a round of links including a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your own home!

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