21 Dec 2012

Habemus episcopum??? A new bishop for Limerick?

The Sacred Space 102fm team did raise the question back on November 24th when the announcement was made about the new bishop of Cloyne would Limerick be getting some news on Jan 3rd - the diocesean patronal feast day. Seems we are not the only ones!

Clerical Whispers asks Sede Vacante....Not In Limerick For Much Longer

Saying that there is a St Munchins connection to the new bishop of Limerick is stating the obvious if the next bishop of Limerick is actually a Limerick man as St Munchins was the diocesan junior seminary for many years and most if not all dioceasn clergy would have studied there.

However, we wait and we suggest that our listeners and readers continue to seek the intercession of St Munchin on the process of finding a new bishop for our diocese of Limerick.

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