21 May 2013

Congratulations to Sr. Brigid Marie of the Sacred Heart of the Poor Clares, Galway!

As many of our regular listeners and blog-readers know, the SS102 team are good friends with the Poor Clare sisters in Nuns' Island, Galway.  Last weekend, on the Feast of Pentecost, the sisters marked a significant step on their journey as a community when postulant Marie became novice Sr. Brigid Marie of the Sacred Heart!  We are delighted for Sr. Brigid Marie and the whole community and will continue to accompany Sr. Brigid Marie on her journey with our prayers.

Please read below for an account of the investiture ceremony from the Poor Clare sisters:


On the Feast of Pentecost, we celebrated, not only the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the Church and to each of us individually, but in a special way in our community, we were thrilled that Marie, or as she is now known, Sr. Brigid Marie of the Sacred Heart, has taken a significant step on the journey to committe herself to the Poor Clare way of life. (I know some of you were itching to know her new name!).

The ceremony was very moving.  It is always touching to witness the generous self-offering, as a person gives themselves over to the Lord in love.  A particularly poignant part of this ceremony is when the person's hair is cut, symbolising their consecration to God, in imitation of the way St. Francis cut St. Clare's hair.

Sr. Marie Brigid's hair was cut as a symbol of her consecration to God.
Sr. Marie Brigid receives the habit and the white veil of a novice.
But it was even more stirring to witness Marie's palpable joy during the ceremony and of course, it was infectious.

Sr. Brigid Marie is greeted by Mother Abbess (Sr. Colette)
You may notice that Sr. Brigid Marie cannot be identified in any of the photographs.  Though this may seem unusual, we feel that it is in the interest of the young women who haven't yet made a final commitment with us, to ensure that they have the fullest possible freedom as they continue to live and discern their calling.

During the course of the ceremony (on the vigil of Pentecost) Mother Abbess, Sr. Colette, encouraged Marie and reminded all the sisters of the inspiring words of St. Clare:

"I encourage you, for love of Him to Whom you have offered yourself... that you may always be mindful of your commitment... always seeing your beginning.  What you hold, may you always hold.  What you do, may you do and not stop.  But with swift pace, light step and unswerving feet, so that even your steps stir up no dust, may you go forward, securely, joyfully and swiftly, on the path of prudent happiness.  Believing nothing, agreeing with nothing that would dissuade you from this commitment or would place a stumbling block for you on the way, so that nothing prevents you from offering [yourself] to the Most High in the perfection to which the Spirit of the Lord has called you."

We pray for all those discerning our way of life, in particular one of whom is with us at the moment for a live-in experience and who was delighted to be with us for the ceremony.


If you would like to find out more about the Poor Clares in Galway please see their website: www.poorclares.ie or listen to a podcast we recorded with Sr. Colette last September here.

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