28 May 2013

Rome Reports - Pope Francis - "Live Christianity"

During his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope explained that being a Christian is not a mere matter of culture. The Pope explained that when Christianity comes down to just that, it becomes a tool to build on one's career and 'seize more power.'

“Some people follow Jesus, but to a certain extent, they follow him because of their culture. They say: I am a Christian, I am from this culture' ... but without the requirements of true discipleship, the true will to follow Him. If you follow Jesus as a cultural choice, you use this path to reach higher positions, to achieve more power. The history of the Church is full of examples: emperors and many other rulers and people. And also some, I wouldn't say many, but some priests, some bishops, too. Some say there are many. Indeed there are some who think that following Jesus can make them advance their careers.”
The Pope explained that the path to Jesus is best followed not by careerism. He said, the true way to Him is through the 'Way of the Cross.'

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