18 Dec 2013

A new Jesuit Saint


We have a new saint!
Pope Francis on Tuesday essentially set aside the normal process for canonizing a saint and extended sainthood to arguably his favorite Jesuit, Fr. Peter Faber, a Frenchman who was an early member of the Society of Jesus and who died in 1547.

A statement issued by the Vatican press office at roughly 6 p.m. Rome time said Francis met today with the head of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Italian Cardinal Angelo Amato, and decided to "extend to the universal church the liturgical cult" of Faber, "inscribing him in the catalogue of saints."

In other words, as of Tuesday, Catholics around the world can refer to St. Peter Faber
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(For those who may not get the in-built joke in the picture, Pope Francis worked for a time as a bouncer in Argentina as a young man).

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