13 Dec 2013

The Joy of the Gospel - Pope Francis first apostolic exhortation

On November 26th Pope Francis first apostolic exhortation, titled 'Evangelii Gaudium' or 'Joy of the Gospel' was published.

(What is an apostolic exhortation?)

It's the first public document completely authored by Pope Francis. Divided in five chapters, it highlights several points about what it really means to be Christian. It deals with mercy, sharing the joy of faith, the role of the Pope and of Episcopal conferences. Also topics ranging from spirituality and the defense of life to poverty and economics

As Rocco over at Whispers put it "If you're looking for a "primer," it's fairly simple: don't insult your intelligence – just take the time to actually read it."

Reportage on the publication of the apostolic exhortation:

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