13 Dec 2013

Beginning to mark the festive season at the Vatican

In Rome, the Christmas season is said to begin with the visit of the Pope to the Statue of the Immaculate Conception in Rome's Spanish Steps.


Also marking the occasion on the 13th (the feast of St Lucy (check out Phil's post HERE)), the Christmas tree was lit!

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony in St Peter' Square officially marks the start of Christmas at the Vatican. In fact, the colors chosen to decorate it this year are those of the Vatican flag, white and yellow. Some inhabitants of Waldmünchen, in Bavaria (Germany) took part in the ceremony. They gifted the huge fir tree that stands in the middle of the Square and the little ones spread throughout the Vatican. During the last week, workers perfected the tree, brought all the way from Bavaria, homeland to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. It arrived on December 5. That same day it was installed at the Square and workers also started to decorate it. The tree is almost 100 feet high and weighs seven tons.

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