6 Dec 2014

Advent 2014 - The End of Waiting

We usually say that Advent is a time of waiting, but this year I see it somewhat differently. The first Advent, when Mary became a God-bearer, was the end of waiting, a very long centuries old waiting. The Israelites had a centuries old promise from God that Messiah would come and now was the time when this promise was being fulfilled. I prefer images that show Our Lady being pregnant, as they are most evocative with meaning in this season. Even though during Mary's advent Jesus wasn't yet born, He was in fact already there and 'kicking' (as babies do). So, I prefer to think that Advent is about NOW. About what God is doing at this moment in our lives, and the waiting that it involves is expectant, filled with hope and promise. It is not a very long season of waiting, it is the end of it. And that's exciting!

- Iva Beranek - read more from Iva at her blog HERE.

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