5 Dec 2014

Advent 2014 - The Truth of Christmas

Let us look again at aspects of  the Christmas story and think more about the truth of Christmas.

Christmas is for people like these. People, who are ordinary, go to work, are not necessarily famous or popular, and are not thought of as clever of special........these are at the centre of Christmas.
It was to these ordinary people the angels chose to give the Good News. Jesus was born for people like these, and people like us.  No one is too ordinary to be part of the true Christmas.

Christmas is also for people like these. There are important people in the world, and people who have a lot of power.  There are many people who have a lot of money, and think they do not need anything else. But these kings went to the stable and knelt down to worship Jesus ,  showing that there are more important things than power or money. Christmas with Jesus at the centre is for people like these.

Family, friends, neighbours:
Look at the people in your home.  Look at the people all around you in your parish community, village, town or city. Christmas is for people like these.

The young, the old, the rick, the poor – everyone – they are you ar3e what Christmas is all about. Jesus was born for all people. Remembering this is for you and for all people  in the world. It is no us coming out with excuses – Christmas is only about money or it is only for children – Christmas is for you. Are you ready to meet Jesus this Christmas?

Finally Christmas is about:
  • sharing your gifts, not purchasing gifts;
  • not wrapping presents, but being present and wrapping your arms around the ones you love;
  • not getting Christmas cards out on time, it about sending any card, anytime, at the4 right time;
  • not having the biggest and best Christmas light display, but displaying the Christ lifht that comes from your heart;
  • not about Santa coming down the chimney, but Jesus coming down from heaven, and giving us the gift of eternal life.
- Sr Dympna Clancy

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