29 Dec 2014

Christmastide 2014 - December 29th Fifth Day of the Octave of Christmas; Optional memorial of St Thomas Becket (bishop, martyr)

From Catholic Culture:
Today is the fifth day in the octave of Christmas. The Church celebrates the optional memorial of St. Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr. He was born in London and after studying in Paris, he first became chancellor to the king and then in 1162 was chosen Archbishop of Canterbury. He went from being "a patron of play-actors and a follower of hounds" to being a "shepherd of souls." He absorbed himself in the duties of his new office, defending the rights of the Church against Henry II. This prompted the king to exile him to France for six years. After returning to his homeland he endured many trials and was murdered by agents of the king.

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The death of Thomas Becket from the film "Becket" starring Richard Burton as Becket and Peter O'Toole as Henry II. The dialogue while written for the film does cause you to pause and think.

The full film is available on Youtube HERE.

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