1 Aug 2015

Some web browsing..........

Having a cuppa; why don't you browse through some of these bits and pieces we found across the web over the last while:

The last Catholic priest in the Antarctic

My Mother’s Suscipe

The Death of God and the Loss of Human Dignity - If there is no God, then human beings are dispensable — so why not trade the organs of infants for a nice Lamborghini?’

Damaging new video exposes Planned Parenthood trade in fetal organs;

Cardinal Seán O’Malley Calls Out Throwaway Culture of Planned Parenthood 

Chinese Police Can't Keep Up with Number of Unauthorized Christian Crosses

“Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!” - Camille Paglia takes on hot-button topics: Religion and atheism, liberals and Fox News, and presidential candidates.

Pope Francis Is Making Christianity Radical Again - “If you have a problem with what Pope Francis is saying, your real problem is with the Hebrew prophets, Jesus of Nazareth, and a century of Catholic social teaching about the common good.”

 Church leaders demand Israel steps up protection of Christian sites

Life inside the abbey -Though they live high on an isolated hill, Mount Angel’s modern-day monks can’t escape the stresses and fears of the outside world
America’s Most Important Church? - On September 11th, along with the more famous buildings, a small Greek Orthodox church was destroyed in the terrorist attack. While the Deuteche Bank Building and Fiterman Hall had to be demolished later, St. Nicholas was the only building that was not part of the World Trade Center Complex to be destroyed in the attack. Now it is to be rebuilt.....

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