16 Aug 2015

Taize - Music of Unity & Peace

The disk Taizé – Music of Unity and Peace is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the Community and the international staff of Deutsche Grammophon / Universal Music. The latter offered their experience and expertise to produce this album. The Community welcomed this project with a view to making its songs known to a wider audience. Those who have already taken part in the international meetings in Taizé will meet once again the atmosphere that touched them. Many others will discover a reflection of that contemplative prayer.

After the bells, familiar with visitors to Taizé, we are led into songs interpreted by a choir of young adults and musicians from different countries, some recordings made during the community prayers in July 2014, and also some psalms and responses sung just by the brothers. You will therefore hear on some tracks the choral singing of more than two and a half thousand people, whereas other pieces give a taste of the intimacy which envelops prayer in Taizé. The song “Let all who are thirsty come” is included for the first time in a recording.

“So many situations in the world need peace” says Brother Alois, prior of Taizé, in the booklet accompanying the CD. “But this peace has to come in our hearts. Peace does not mean we will always have an easy life, but it does mean we believe that peace is possible.”

Mark Wilkinson, President of Deutsche Grammophon, is pleased with this recording: “This special, emotional, touching music deserves to find a wide audience. Music can be an agent for change, and for dissolving barriers, and the unique qualities of Taizé chant are a testament to that.”




The CD is available in the shop in Taizé and in record stores in many countries. You can also buy it on-line.

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