23 Aug 2015

Some web browsing........

Some web browsing to have with that morning cup of coffee.......


PP warns only catholic parents can choose to divest 

Papal nuncio warns Catholics against becoming ‘caricatures

School Patronage: Give or Take? 

Archbishop to bless & dedicate room to Frank Duff

Pope joins faithful at altar of St. Pius X - Yesterday morning Francis kneeled down to pray before the tomb of his Venetian predecessor, remembered for his catechism and his promotion of communion for children. “I am a devotee of St. Pius X”, Francis recalled. The Pope previously had the nativity scene in St. Peter’s Basilica moved so that it would not conceal the tomb of the saint

Onward Christian soldiers - Seventy years on, it may be hard to imagine the Second World War as a religious conflict. Yet at the time it was defined as the ultimate struggle for the Church’s survival

‘Families ministering to families’ could be new model for evangelisation in Ireland

Why Bother Praying?

Finding God in Amsterdam - A recent endeavour saw 100 Jesuits sent out in small groups on ‘experiments’ across North West Europe to engage in different aspects of the Society of Jesus’s ministry. Jim Corkery and three of his Jesuit brothers found themselves in Amsterdam, where they experienced the graces of community life in a new way and found God at work everywhere, from a Jesuit church to the red light district!

Made for Joy - "We are made for joy. But this joy can never be fully experienced here on earth. God’s joy is ultimately realized in eternity. To be a Christian is to understand that the cross, and the suffering of the cross, has meaning, and that suffering is part of our state on this earth. Don’t expect Paradise on earth. Don’t. But there is meaning, and this meaning is the love of God and gratitude for life on this earth. Whatever your state, whatever your situation, whatever your purpose, always remember that you are made for joy."

Overcoming the fear of commitment 

Is there a difference between “suicide” and “assisted dying”?

CNA - The rise of millennial Catholic artists – and here's a chat with one of them

CNS - Through the Holy Door: Vatican to have pilgrim reservation system

BBC - Islamic State in Syria demolishes ancient Mar Elian monastery

OSV - A culture of lost souls Two stories illustrate how millennials’ thirst for authenticity all too often painfully comes up short

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