3 Nov 2015

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All Saints & All Souls:

How hallowed is Halloween?

Judgement and Purgatory

Where to From Here?: The Christian Vision of Life After Death

The ‘Last Things’: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

On Saints and Souls, Leaves and Candy Corn

Among the Modern-Day Martyrs of San Bartolomeo - Anticipating All Saints Day with a visit to a Roman basilica dedicated to Christian martyrs of the 20th and 21st Century

Praying for the unnamed dead 

Pope Francis: All Souls' prayers for departed predecessors

Pope Francis: there are many saints to be found in everyday life

All Souls Day in South Asia an ecumenical event

General stories:

Is this a thing now? Churches being transformed into bookstores?

Pope Francis Sets a Confrontation in Place; Not the One We Think

How the Catholic Church forever changed Jewish life

Autumn Leaves and Dying to Self

Christians can’t ignore the suffering of Muslims

How it feels to be denied communion

Why the Left Needs Religion

Dorothy Day and the Scandal of Mercy - Attempts to render Day's narrative "safe" for narrow consumption only distort her reality

The Vatican Synod on the Family is over and the conservatives have won

High school students volunteer to serve as pallbearers for those who die alone 

Limerick city’s oldest cemetery re-opens 

From the Catholic Herald - links from Fr Ray Blake, Michelle Boorstein and Anthony Faiola, Sidney Callahan, Catholic Register, Fr Raymond de Souza, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Damon Linker, the German synod fathers, Bishop Robert Lynch, Sandro Magister, Edward Peters, Christa Pongratz-Lippitt, the Tablet and Bishop Lucas Van Looy reflect on the family synod.

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