8 Nov 2015

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A Year of Mercy, Badly Needed -  God delivers mercy, again and again, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation

A formed conscience -  Believing something is right doesn’t make it so, which is why the Church points us to the truth

Fr. Willie Doyle: Forgotten Irish Saint
Dangerous Remembrance -  On 11 November each year, we observe Remembrance Day and honour the members of the armed forces who have lost their lives at war. Can faith help us to make sense of the reality and horror of war? Roger Dawson SJ looks to the theology of Johann Baptist Metz, who had his own ‘dangerous memories’ of war, to ask how we can speak about God in a world of conflict.

Brandon Vogt: Catholic New-Media Whiz - He's young, he's talented, he's claiming the digital world for Christ.

Synod opened the door for those divorced and remarried, Kasper says 

Seeking Reassurance, Finding Peace in the Crucifix - Keep the crucifix before your eyes, and it will teach you everything

When Souls in Purgatory Return from the Dead - Yes, they sometimes do. Should we be terrified or grateful?

Secret ‘Catacombs Pact’ emerges after 50 years, and Pope Francis gives it new life

Let’s say thanks properly, before it is too late - The Irish State must have 'the maturity to acknowledge and indeed celebrate the contribution of religious men and women', writes Fr Martin Delaney 
Dominicans Celebrate 800 Years of Following in the Footsteps of Jesus - The Order of Preachers will initiate a jubilee year on November 7 to commemorate their anniversary
Annulment Questionnaire: The Marriage Prep That Came Too Late - Wouldn't it make sense for such personal scrutiny to take place before the couple ever gets near the altar?
Gratitude at the Deathbed - Getting to say good-bye to my parents in the way I did is one of my life's greatest blessings
Behold Snapshots Of Devotion In These Sacred Altars Around The Globe - This is where the mortal world makes offerings to the divine.

Amnesty International's pro-abortion campaign is shamelessly anti-Catholic - A new advert starring Liam Neeson suggests what the group really wants is to drive the last remnants of religious influence from Irish public life

When moral wrongs are politically correct

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