12 Nov 2015

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 A “Little Oratory” Can Build a Big Habit of Prayer - Any small shelf or corner can become a spiritual retreat for the family

Schools should teach Irish values, which are historically Christian

Sierra Leone: the long, hard road to Zero+42

Why there’s still a case for hope on Vatican financial reform 

Why Sci-Fi Has So Many Catholics - Scientists aren’t the only ones who have long been preoccupied with the heavens.

René Girard, Church Father - Robert Barron
5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Prayer Life - If you are feeling stymied about prayer, do not be afraid; it doesn't get any simpler than this

Pray Tell - Irreverent Worship?

Pray Tell - Reception of Communion from the Chalice is Intrinsic to the Mass 

Pray Tell - Liturgy is Work, Not ‘Fun’ or Entertainment 

The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc - Christian Richter spent his teens exploring abandoned buildings in what was then Communist East Germany. As an adult he's still doing it, but now he takes a camera to capture the advancing decay of their interiors. 

A 'most powerful woman' – National Geographic's major hat tip to the Virgin Mary

Quantitative Judgments - While walking with a few brothers through the neighbourhood of Brookland the other day (where the Dominican House of Studies is located), we ran into members of four other religious communities in the space of twenty minutes: a Dominican sister, an Alma Mercy sister, a Franciscan T.O.R. brother, and six Missionaries of Charity. We often hear about the Church’s vocation crisis, but there are also signs of hope.
The Priest, and the Pieces of Christ’s Body He Protects - What a knocked-down priest can teach us about red paper-cup persecution
Pope: ‘The Family Teaches Us to Share, With Joy, the Blessings of Life’  

Russian Orthodox Chant of “Let My Prayer Arise” Sounds like Angels (Video) - Four chanters raise their voices to the heavens

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