12 Apr 2017

Limerick Diocese - Bishop Brendan Leahy Homily at the Chrism Mass

Limerick diocese gathered at St John's Cathedral on Wednesday evening to celebrate with Bishop Brendan Leahy the Chrism Mass. The liturgy is held every year in every diocese with the clergy gathered around the bishop in a sign of unity.

It is called the “Chrism Mass” because it is during the liturgy that the sacred oils to be used in the Sacraments are blessed: the Oil of the Infirm, the Oil of the Catechumens, and the Sacred Chrism – which is used to anoint the newly baptized and in conferring Confirmation, and to consecrate priests and bishops to their special and peculiar divine service.

You can listen to the homily of Bishop Brendan reflecting on the challenges of being a Roman Catholic in Ireland today - why is it that 78% of people in Ireland identify with the church today but don't participate and what does it mean for us as church? 

Podcast is available HERE.

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