13 Apr 2017

Pope Francis urges faithful to help and serve each other

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Holy Thursday washed the feet of inmates at Paliano prison, south of Rome, during the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper.

The Pope traveled to the penitentiary for a private visit and the celebration of Mass marking Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples on the day before his Crucifixion.

Listen to the report from Vatican Radio HERE.


Crux - At mafia prison, Francis says Holy Thursday is not ‘folklore’  
In a maximum security prison for mafia informers on Holy Thursday, Pope Francis washed the feet of a dozen inmates, telling them that it is a gesture meant to be a reminder of God's love for humanity: "Until the end, giving his life for each one of us." He insisted the ceremony is not "folklore," but a remembrance of what Jesus himself did.


CNAYou can show God's love even behind bars, Pope Francis tells inmates

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