12 Oct 2010

17th October 2010 - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

This weeks show is a bit different as the Sacred Space 102fm team are introduced to the newest saint on the block - St Mary of the Cross MacKillop!

You can listen to the podcast of this weeks programme HERE.

Sr Margaret O'Sullivan RSJ (originally from Carrigkerry) tells us about the life, times and tribulations of Australia's first saint who is being raised to the glory of the altars by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome on 17th October 2010.  God creates saints and through the process of canonisation the Church gives official recognistion to the holiness of individual christians and offers them as witnesses and examples to the faithful. .

Mary MacKillop was born in Melbourne Australia on 15th January 1842 and died in Sydney on 8th August 1909. The years in between saw one of Australia's most remarkable women demonstrate incredible strength, devotion, inspiration and absolute trust in God.

Join us to hear about the trials and tribulations of this new saint as she battled the difficult social and physical conditions as well as overcoming church politics including excommunication to succeed in establishing her congregation to aid the poor of Australia and also hear about the Irish connections with the congregation which began when Mary left Dublin on 28th October 1874 with 15 young women who joined her in her mission around Australia right up to the present day and the pioneering work of the sisters as they return to their homeland in Ireland sharing their gifts and experience in ordinary ways among their own people.

As well as discussing Mary MacKillop here with us on Sacred Space 102fm, Sr Margaret also had a recent interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which was held with Trevor Chappell which you can listen to here.

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