16 Oct 2010

Patron Saints

One of the popular item on the programme is our Saints of the Week review where we discuss the upcoming feasts and memoria of our celestial companions. But have you ever considered the following:

1. Who are the patron saint's you are called after and when are their feast days?

2. Which saint's feast day is the date of your birthday?

3. Which saints feast day is the date of your baptism? (and how many of us even know that date???)

Also, Sacred Space 102fm Blog is looking for a patron saint! We have already had one suggestion but we are looking for a few more. Please follow the link and leave your suggestions for our celestial patron for our blog.

1 comment:

  1. So when is your name day?
    I am going to cheat because I claim 4 days in the year!!!
    1. Shane = John - John the Evangelist 27th December
    2. Gerard = Gerard Majella - Redemptorist saint 16th October (although I have been informed he got bumped off the calendar after VC2)
    3. Patrick = St Patrick 17th March, Apostle of Ireland
    4. Ambrose = St Ambrose 7th December, Bishop, Doctor of the Church

    What saints day were you born on?
    27th March -
    Alexander, a Pannonian soldier, martyred in 3rd century.
    Amador of Portugal
    Augusta of Treviso, a virgin, beheaded by her pagan father in 5th century.
    John of Egypt
    Philetus and companies
    Romulus of Nîmes, a Benedictine abbot, martyred c. 730.
    Rupert of Salzburg
    Zanitas and Lazarus of Persia

    And finally, what saints day were you baptised on?

    April 13th

    Pope Martin I