11 Oct 2010

Quote of the Day - Suffering

"And with this burning appeal of the Sacred Heart [of Jesus] came such a rushing of longing desire on my part to be Its lover and Its own true child that, in a glance, the falseness of the world appeared to me; the beauty, the pity, and the generosity of the Sacred Heart in this loving appeal could not be resisted. And in Its cause, since It designed to raise me to It, I have never known aught but true peace and contentment of heart. Its love makes suffering sweet, Its love makes the world a desert. When storms rage, when persecutions or dangers threaten, I quietly creep into Its deep abyss, and securely sheltered there, my soul is in peace, though my body is tossed upon the stormy waves of a cold and selfish world."
- Blessed Mary of the Cross MacKillop 

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