1 Oct 2010

3rd October 2010 - 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

This weeks show begins Sacred Space 102fm's short series during the month of October focusing on the missions. The show has an interview with our own Shane Ambrose who speaks about his time volunteering in Uganda, our regular gospel reflection and a quick run though the saints for the week.

You can listen to this weeks programme HERE.

From Knockpatrick to Kiyinda - A VM's reflections on some time in Africa

Regular readers of the blog will have seen a series of recent posts in the last week from our regular panelist Shane Ambrose where he has written and reflected about his time in Uganda with a particular focus on presence, suffering, solidarity and friendship. Shane was a volunteer for 30 months in Uganda with the Volunteer Missionary Movement and speaks on this weeks show under a gentle "interrogation" from Lorraine and John about his experiences there. Some other VM's online are here.

Gospel Reflection

This weeks gospel of many parts talks to us about how the apostles pray for Jesus to increase their faith and the role of Christians to be willing to do what has to be done and not expect major kudos for it. It raises the questions do we try to manipulate our relationship with God seeking so that He "owes" us a favour? In the modern world we are all very aware of our rights, but do we place as much emphasis on our responsibilities? Do we have a proper attitude as servants of God where our relationship with Jesus is leading to greater trust in God as a response to the love of God.

Some more thoughts about this weeks gospel can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Saints of the Week

We just got a chance to run through our saints of the week this week to let you know whose liturgical commemoration is coming up:

3rd Oct - Blessed Columba Marmion OSB - obviously given that the 3rd falls on a Sunday this year, the memorial wont be observed, but Blessed Columba is one of Ireland's official Blessed's!
4th October - St Francis of Assisi and here
5th October - St Faustina (Apostle of the Divine Mercy)
6th October - St Bruno (Founder of the Carthusians)
7th October - Our Lady of the Rosary

Other News

We have been talking and talking about the podcasts since the blog started back at the beginning of September and we hope to have the podcasts up and running in about 3-4 weeks. We had a little technical difficulties but we hope to get them sorted soon. When we do get up and running,  the plan is to have podcasts going back to the start of July of the show online for you to listen back to and to let all your friends know about us.

Again, thanks for listening!

God bless

John, Lorraine and Shane

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