14 Mar 2011

Lenten Reflections (No. 4) - The Farewell Tear

The Farewell Tear
a feast of friendship
a story of betrayal
a memory of gifts given

you look with such intense love
on each one gathered there,
mist covers your deep brown eyes
as you hold each one in your gaze,
you close your eyes and I see
the farewell tear of friendship
as it follows the curve of your cheek.

you take the bread,
bless it gently, profoundly,
with old words and new.
(do you mean to say it is yourself?)

and then the wine,
again with words old and new.
(do you meant to say this, too,
is now yourself?)

you look again at each one there
and give the eternal gift:
“remember me and do the same.”

like those around the table then,
so with us who gather now,
if we knew how close our hearts
are hold inside of yours,
we would always be amazed
that you meant this for us, too.

how shall we ever be brave enough
to do what you have done,
when grief engulfs our every breath
and each memorial word
is laden with our loss?

-          Joyce Rupp

Suggested by Sr Lorraine
Johannesburg, South Africa

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