31 Mar 2011

Lenten Reflection (No. 14) - Desert Pathways

I am a pilgrim,
Alone, yet not alone.
Always journeying along pathways
At a slow pace,
The pace of a sedated snail.
My journey of life-ing
Has many resting places,
Many cross-roads,
Many pathways,
Many watering places.
I pause now at this particular well
In the centre of Sychar or is it right here?
To sit,
To sit in silence,
To sit in stillness,
To allow
My parched soul to drink freely
Of that living water,
To quench the yearings within,
To water the arid desert within,
To refresh my inner spirit.
I am a pilgrim,
Alone, yet not alone,
At this well, at this cross-roads,
At this time of my life
I feel his touch,
I feel his presence,
I hear his gentle, reassuring voice.
Jesus wakes me at dawn with his words on my lips:
‘Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you,
 I have called you by name, you are mine.’
I sit at the well throughout each day being held by Jesus.
We talk together.
We are silent together.
We are still together.
A sacred space.
Holy ground.
                                                                                                Patricia Lennon[1]

[1] Anne Alcock, Woman in Search of Wholeness, (Cork, 2002), p. 41-42.

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