15 Mar 2011

Some web browsing.......

A quick round up of various items on the Internet that caught our eye over the last week and a bit..........

Lent related:
  • Ash Wednesday and Lent: Beginning Again Always.
  • No anxieties: Confronting our Dust in Faith - Long before death there are seasonal, weekly, and even daily opportunities to grow in the grace of recalling not only that we will die, but that we will live. The seed of eternity is found in our very souls.
  • To be humbled before God
  • A short history of Lent - As we each find our own ways to mark the season of Lent, we follow in the footsteps of centuries of Christians who have spent time preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. How did the Church’s understanding of the forty days of Lent change between the Council of Nicaea in the 4th century and the Second Vatican Council?
  • The Virtue of Asceticism - Giving up chocolate? Deleting your Facebook account? We all choose to mark Lent in different ways and more often than not focus on abstaining from something we enjoy, but is this always good for us? Nicholas Austin SJ explores how our attempts at an ascetic way of life for forty days each year can go wrong if our motivations are not rooted in the wisdom of the Christian tradition. How can we rediscover the virtue of asceticism?
  • Jennifer over at Conversion Diary is currently doing a series on the "Our Father" word by word, excellent, go have a look!
  • Lent: Hungering for the Spirit.
  • Remembering that no matter what we do, "God always offers re-do's".

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