25 Feb 2012

26th February 2012 - 1st Sunday of Lent (Year B) - Trocaire 2012 Campaign

On this weeks programme we speak to Sean Farrell (Trocáires Country Director - Uganda) about the 2012 Trocáire Lenten Campaign, our regular reflection on the Sunday gospel as well as some celestial guides for the week and some local notices.

This weeks podcast is available HERE.

Trocáire Lenten Campaign 2012

'Rebuilding Communities for Lasting Change'

On this weeks programme we are joined by Sean Farrell who talks with us about the 2012 Trocáire Lenten Campaign which is focused on 'Rebuilding Communities for Lasting Change'.
This year the campaign focuses on Daniel Okweng who is 9 years old and lives with his mother Betty, his father Joel and his brothers and sisters in the small rural village of Bar Kawach, northern Uganda.Daniel was born into a civil war which spanned over twenty years.

In 2004, soldiers attacked his village and community, forcing the family to flee from their home. 300 people died during this attack. Daniel’s family knew they were lucky to survive but were left with nothing. The family moved into a camp set up by the government to protect civilians. These camps were bleak places where extreme poverty, poor sanitation and depression were rife and led to a very poor quality of life, especially for children like Daniel. In 2006, when it was thought safe enough, Daniel and his family moved back to their family home. It was at this point that their biggest struggle began – to begin life again.

With your support, Trócaire were there, helping this family readjust to life back home. Working together with the community, we have provided training and support groups to help people cope with the trauma they have experienced. Agricultural training and the provision of seeds, tools and livestock have helped families to start farming again and support to build a borehole has provided clean, safe, drinking water.

By working to understand the problems people face and providing the support they need to make a living, Trocáire helps communities and families to live life with dignity and feel secure in their homes again.

Daniel has learned how to ride a bike, play football and speak English. Daniel loves going to school. His favourite subject is English. He loves to play football with his friends. His favourite team is Arsenal. If Daniel could have three wishes he would like to stay in school, to become a doctor and to wake up early every morning to pray.
To support this years campaign, please pick up your Trocaire box at your local church or parish and consider saving €2 a day towards supporting their work.

  • €2 a day will provide agricultural training for families, helping them to grow their own food and earn and income.
  • €2 a day will help to provide training for a paralegal officer, ensuring communities returning home have access to legal advice to secure their land and future.
  • €2 a day will provide a small business loan, giving people the capital to buy land or start a small business.

For more information and to see further pictures and videos about this years campaign as well as to make an online donation, please go HERE.

Gospel - Mark 1:12 -15

"And the angels ministered to him............"
Source: Blue Eyed Ennis

This weeks gospel from Mark is a very short precise description of Jesus' time in the desert before he began his public ministry. The gospel this weeks continues straight on from the baptism of the Lord and the Spirit drives Jesus out into the desert. Luke and Matthew gloss over the term ever so slightly where the Spirit "leads" Jesus into the desert but Mark puts it plain and simple he was driven to the desert amongst the wild animals to ponder and make space for God the Father before he begins.

Do we make time and space for God in our lives? We are not suggesting that you have to go into the desert but Lent is a "desert time", where we are asked to make a great effort to make time for God and neighbour.

Other reflections on this weeks gospel from:
Saints of the Week (and other liturgical odds and ends)

Pope Benedict XVI's prayer intentions for March 2012
  • General Intention: Contribution of Women. That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society.
  • Missionary Intention: Persecuted Christians. That the Holy Spirit may grant perseverance to those who suffer discrimination, persecution, or death for the name of Christ, particularly in Asia.

Psalter - Week 1

February 27th - Bl Maria Caridad Brader
February 28th - St Hedwig of Poland
February 29th - St Oswold
March 1st - St David (Patron of Wales)
March 2nd - St Absolon of Caesarea (First Friday)
March 3rd - St Katharine Drexel

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