20 Feb 2012

Some web browsing......

Here is an alternative list of What to give up for Lent: 20 weird ideas.

Living with uncertainty - Digitalnun has a few thoughts from the Rule of St Benedict

"We tend to obsess over what we wish we were doing, or what we might be doing instead of our boring jobs, or what we would like to be doing that someone else is doing, or what we could have been doing if our luck had been better. Such preoccupations distract us from whatever real opportunity lies right in front of us." Continue reading here.

A very interesting article looking at Young Adults and the Church's need to listen.

Ever wonder what the Vatican Bank is?

Cardinal Dolan: "I'll return home a cardinal, but I am still a sinner".

Ever have that niggling feeling? Dream, believe, achieve: Is God calling you?

Pope Benedict XVI - Vocations; the gift of the love of God - Every specific vocation is in fact born of the initiative of God; it is a gift of the Love of God!”

A short anecdote from A Nun's Life - An old nun and a young woman.

David Quinn provides an analysis of why the Papal States are guarantee of popes' legal and political independence.

British Muslim politician tells Pope "Europe needs confident Christians" - NCR

Elizabeth Scalia looks at how prophetic Joseph Ratzinger was in 1969.

A look at how the Chinese authorities are playing a policy of divide and conquer amongst the church in China.

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