17 Feb 2012

Consistory in Rome

Tomorrow Pope Benedict XVI will hold an Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of 22 new cardinals in the College of Cardinals. The Cardinal's are often described as the hinge men of the church and are regarded as the closest collaborators of the Pope in exercising his ministry. But they also have responsibility of electing the new pope upon the death of the incumbent. The role of the cardinals is summed up with the prayer from the ceremony of the imposition of the biretta:

"To the praise of God, and the honor of the Apostolic See
receive the red biretta, the sign of the cardinal's dignity;
and know that you must be willing to conduct yourselves with fortitude
even to the shedding of your blood:
for the growth of the Christian faith,
the peace and tranquility of the People of God,
and the freedom and spread of the Holy Roman Church."

Rocco over at Whispers in the Loggia has the scarlet stories including a couple of round up of short videos. 

Rome Reports also has some interesting short videos over HERE explaining what a cardinal is and who the cardinal electors are.

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