13 Feb 2012

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Ahead of the 49th World Prayer for Vocations, Pope Benedict XVI reminds us in his message that "Every specific vocation is in fact born of the initiative of God; it is a gift of the Love of God!”.

Some Benedictine links which we came across this month including Little House in the Woods. Over at Patheos, Fr Dwight Longenecker reflects on The Benedictine Way and has a whole series of articles on his personal reflections as a Benedictine oblate, check them out.

"A scholar was doing work on medieval manuscripts and trying to work out the method of calligraphy the monks used…their technology and technique. So he was studying how many pen strokes the monk could make before re filling his quill pen. A pattern emerged, but then every once and a while he would notice from his microscopic examination of the manuscripts that a monk would put down his pen, while it was still full in mid stroke. The ink would dry and he would resume the work later. He puzzled over this. Why would the monk put down his pen in mid stroke when the pen was still full of ink" Continue reading here.

Beatifications: When Israel leads the way - There are many cases in which the honorific of ‘Righteous among the Nations’ is awarded before the process of canonization has begun.

Over at A Nun's Life, they have an interesting post on The Monastery as the Household of God.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the calling of the Second Vatican Council, the NCR is beginning a series of articles looking at the calling of the council - Curial horror greeted John XXIII's announcement of ecumenical council.

Over at America magazine they have a piece Conversation Starters: Dialgue and deliberation during Vatican II

Deacon Greg has a piece looking at how "the permanent diaconate was an unexpected blessing of the Second Vatican Council"

George Weigel has a reflection on the problems with calling a 3rd Vatican Council - Vatican III? Where?

The New York Times reports on the growing number of self immolation's in Tibet.

A Swiss guard reflects on The Importance of Vocation.

egregious twaddle reflects on Falling in Love again, again and again.

Melifont Abbey had some good news with an ordination during the month.

An external view of the Irish Church.

Are you a Seeker or a Finder in faith?

The Catholic Herald looks at how Romero is loved by the poor but hated by the rich.

The BBC poses the question, should we be mourning the loss of the written word?

When necessary use words.

As Queen Elizabeth II begins the celebrations of her Diamond Jubilee over at First Things a piece on "God Save the Queen: A Canadian Reflects on Why the Monarchy Still Matters"     

Vatican Radio coverage of Marie Collins participation in a Vatican conference on combating Child Abuse - Victim of Abuse addresses Vatican conference. John Allen as always has some excellent coverage of the conference (scroll to bottom of article for full list of pieces). Sandro Magister's article - "Marie Collins goes first"

Pat Gohn over at Patheos reflects on A God with toes - The toes a new mother kissed; the toes a penitent woman wept over; my God has toes. He knows me.

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