7 May 2012

6th May 2012 - 5th Sunday of Easter (Year B) - Ardagh/Carrigkerry Mission

On this weeks programme we have an interview with Fr Seamus Enright and Pat Lawlor from Ardag/Carrigkerry PCC about the upcoming parish mission which is going to be held in Ardagh/Carrigkerry. We have a short reflection on this weeks gospel and some local notices.

This weeks podcast is available here.

Ardagh/Carrigkerry Parish Mission (May 6th to 11th)

This week we have an interview with Fr Seamus Enright and Pat Lawlor (Ardagh/Carrigkerry PCC) who are talking to us about the parish mission which is in Ardagh/Carrigkerry from May 6th to 11th. A parish mission is an opportunity for a parish to have an intense experience of Christian community for a week. It is about gathering and experiencing the community and believing and belonging to Jesus. Fr Seamus and Pat take us through the inspiration, preparation and outline of the upcoming week.

The mission is structured around Mass each morning at 7am in Ardagh, 10am Ardagh and 10am Carrigkerry. Then the evening sessions will be 7pm in Carrigkerry and 8.30pm in Ardagh
  • Sunday - Celebration of Community
  • Monday - Finding Christ in Brokenness - Celebration of Healing
  • Tuesday - Anointing of the Sick which will be at the Social Club at 2pm in the Community Hall as well as the other Masses and evening sessions.
  • Wednesday - Celebration of Gods Mercy and the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Ardagh. (whether the evening sessions continue in Carrigkerry for Wednesday - Friday will depend on attendances during the week)
  • Thursday - The Future of the Church
  • Friday - Focus on Emmigrants and on our Dead
Details of the mission can be heard in this excerpt from the programme here.

Gospel - John 15: 1-8

Reflections on this weeks gospel:

Saints of the Week

Psalter Week 1

May 7th - St John of Beverley
May 8th - St Stanislaus of Cracow
May 9th - St Pachomius
May 10th - St Comgall (abbot)
May 11th - St Cathal of Taranto
May 12th - St Nereus and Achilleus, St Pancras

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