23 May 2012

IEC2012: Limerick Diocese News for the Congress

Limerick Pilgrim Walk

The people of Limerick will be offered a unique opportunity to prepare for the International Eucharistic Congress coming up next month. There will be a Congress Pilgrim walk around the city of Limerick from June 1st to June 10th. This walk is been called a Novena of Churches. The idea of visiting a succession of Churches comes from the old Roman custom of visiting seven Churches during Lent around the city Rome and praying in each one as part of a Pilgrim Walk. The organisers of this Pilgrim Walk have chosen nine Churches as there are now nine churches in the inner city of Limerick.

The Churches involved are:
  • the Redemptorist Church of Mount St Alphonsus,
  • St Joseph’s O’Connell Ave,
  • The Dominician Church of St Saviour’s, Glentworth St, ,
  • The Augustines, O’Connell St ,
  • St Michael’s, Denmark Street,
  • St Mary’s, Athlunkard St.
  • St Patrick’s Dublin Road,
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace, Janesboro
  • St John’s Cathedral.
The Churches can be visited in any order, any time between the 1st and 10th June, however the above order finishes the Pilgrim Walk in the Cathedral which is fitting. A Pilgrim - any person who decides to participate - can get a Pilgrim Card free of charge from each of the participating Churches which can be stamped in each church at a table provided.
The Card will contain the IEC (International Eucharistic Congress) Prayer and pilgrims are encouraged to pray this prayer in each of the Churches for the success of the Congress which will be held in Dublin next month from June 10th to 17th.
Other Limerick News for the Congress


Those who would still like to get a ticket for either the Opening or Closing ceremony can do so, at participating CENTRA shops. A max of 2 tickets per person, for the top tiers of the Stadium are available. (€10 per ticket)

Limerick IEC Special Train
Limerick Diocese also has a special Congress Pilgrim Train bringing pilgrims to Connolly Station near Croke Park for the Closing Ceremony in "Croker" on June 17th. These tickets can be purchased on line at www.irishrail.ie. Limerick is one of the three or four Dioceses in the country to have its own pilgrim train. Limerick also has the third largest number of pilgrims attending the IEC, Dublin been the first and County Meath been second.
There is also a specially produced CD explaining what the Mass is about which is available for a donation of just €2 in all Parishes around the Diocese.


  1. Joseph Naughton7 June 2012 at 14:17

    My wife and I decided to do the "Pilgrim Walk" visiting the nine designated churches in Limerick City. When we arrived at St. Mary's Church at 15.30 it was closed. When we arrived at Our Lady Queen of Peace church at 16.15 it too was closed. All the other churches were opened. We were very disappointed, to say the least, that we were unable to complete the walk in one go. This we did the following day. We weren't the only people that had this experience

  2. Joseph
    We have passed on your concerns to Limerick Pastoral Centre about the "Pilgrim Walk" above.
    Sacred Space 102fm Team