25 May 2012

IEC2012 : Walking with God in Dublin

Well I am not sure who was copying who here!

From Vatican Radio:

In our world today there is a great hunger for God” says Fr. Damien O’ Reilly, administrator of St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral Dublin. “And in our world of fragile peace, our world of many broken promises, is that hunger”.

Fr. Damien is also one of the organisers behind a new city centre "Camino," or pilgrim walk, that has been launched in Ireland’s capital as part of the celebrations surrounding the International Eucharistic Congress set for June 10-17. Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral, the seat of Archdiocese, will be the final destination for pilgrims taking part in the walk, from across Ireland’s Christian traditions.

While the walk will mark a journey of spiritual preparation in the final days before the Congress it will also be a very visible witness of faith in the heart of the nation’s Metropolitan capital which has not been immune to the negative side effects of a spreading secularism, as often noted by Archbishop Martin. These include a steep decline in participation in the sacraments by faithful and in the words of Fr. Damien, a “pushing of God to the fringes of everyday life”. Fr Damien hopes that the Congress will encourage Christians to recognise that even in the most difficult stages of their life’s journey, God has been present every step of the way.

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