22 Jan 2013

Habemus episcopum IV - Prayer for the Bishop Elect (and the date is set for the episcopal consecration)

With the official date set as April 14th (3rd Sunday of Easter) for the rites to consecrate and install the successor to the See of St Munchin on the cathedra in St John's Cathedral in Limerick; the following prayer has been suggested for the new bishop-elect Msgr Brendan Leahy.

Fr Tony Mullins (Diocesan Administrator) and
Msgr Brendan Leahy (Bishop-elect, Limeric)

Prayer for Bishop Designate Fr. Brendan Leahy
Heavenly Father, you sent Jesus to shepherd your people and the Holy Spirit to make your people one.
Send your Holy Spirit to anoint our new Bishop-designate Brendan Leahy, that he may continue the work of renewal in the Church and unite our parishes, priests and people in love, truth and wisdom.
Give him a true shepherd's heart like that of Jesus, that he may give strength to the weak, heal the broken-hearted, console the lonely, bring back the wandering and be a power against the evil of our day,
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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