5 Feb 2015

Novena for Peace in Nigeria - Vatican News

Diocese starts novena for peace in Nigeria following Boko Haram attacks and killing of 2,000 people: Pray with us!

The Diocese of Maiduguri led by its Bishop, Oliver Dashe Doeme has started a nine day novena of prayer for peace. The novena will end and coincide with Nigeria’s presidential and general elections scheduled for14 February, 2015. Maiduguri Diocese Director of Communications, Fr. Gideon Obasogie has made a passionate appeal calling on all Nigerians and well-wishers all over the world to pray for peace in Nigeria,
“The Diocese of Maiduguri has suffered greatly from terrorist activities of the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram. From the waves of recent attacks, we have seen for ourselves, a group of miscreants, successfully snowball into a sophisticated and ferocious terrorist network capable of pulling down nations. We have come to witness a culture of savagery and bloodletting over the years perpetrated by Boko Haram,” said Fr. Obasogie. He continues to say that the Northeastern part of Nigeria is still experiencing unrelenting large-scale slaughter of innocent civilians. “The mayhem inflicted on helpless citizens is unprecedented and irreparable. Lives have been lost and thousands are now internally displaced or have crossed the border as refugees, while opportunity for growth and progress have been truncated,” Fr. Obasogie explained.
Acccording to Fr. Obasogie the Diocese of Maiduguri is currently faced with the challenge of caring for IDPs. He concluded, “Pray with us!”
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God the Father our creator, God the Son our Redeemer, God the Holy Spirit our Sanctifier! 
We praise and thank you for the precious gift of Nigeria, which was and still remains a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic as well as multi-religious society. Your gift of tolerance, moderation, accommodation and Love for one another were the traits that made great this people and this society. 
Sadly though, in recent times, they have been plagued by political, ethnic and religious crises and have suffered the destruction of lives and property. We humbly ask for the gift of reconciliation, that we forgive each other. Heal the wounds with the radiance of your love and mercy. Teach us to live in peace and harmony. 
May their leaders be instruments of love, peace, tolerance, social and economic development. Help them to be selfless in service and to lead their people in the path of dialogue and reconciliation, so that they can truly be one family, working for the common good. May dissenting views be a source of harmony and peaceful coexistence! Bless and provide for their youth and help them to be peace loving. 
Lord may the weapons of evil, hatred and violence be silenced by love. May we enjoy unity and stability as your children who live, move and have our being in you.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. 
O Jesus prince of peace: be merciful, restore permanent peace to the world and, these days especially, to Nigeria, from north to south. 
Our Lady Queen of Peace: Obtain for us peace in our hearts, peace in our families, peace in our countries.

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