13 Feb 2015

The Stations of the Cross

Many of our readers and listeners will be familiar with the traditional Catholic devotion known as the Stations of the Cross, a series of meditations on scenes from the Passion of Jesus, from his sentencing at the hands of Pilate to the laying of his body in the tomb.  Below we list some online links to various reflections on the stations for your use over Lent.
Pray as You Go - Stations of the Cross - There are fourteen standard stations, which can be found on the walls of just about any Catholic church in the world.  But some variations from this form exist, including one more closely following the scriptures, approved by Pope Benedict in 2007. 
The Way of the Cross from Latin America, 1492 - 1992 - Stations of the Cross by Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Busted Halo - Virtual Stations of the Cross

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