11 Feb 2015

Where the hell is God? Moyross Parish Talks Series continue


Where the hell is God?
When faced with suffering or terrible things happening in our lives or in our world, we all ask the question "Where the hell is God?" How can we understand that God is loving and good and yet awful things can happen in our lives and in our world?
Australian priest and author, Fr Richard Leonard SJ asked this question when his sister was in a road accident that left her paralysed from the neck down.
Fr Richard will lead a discussion on how we relate to God when bad things happen, this will take place in Corpus Christi Church, Moyross on Ash Wednesday (18th February). 12:30pm - 1.15 pm. Distribution of Ashes will take place following the discussion.
Richard Leonard SJ, is a Jesuit of the Australian Province. He is the director of the Australian Catholic Film Office, a consultant to the Australian Catholic Bishops' Media Committee, and a film critic whose reviews appear in all the major Catholic newspapers in Australia. Author of Where the Hell is God? he lectures all over the world.

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