6 Mar 2015

24 hours for the Lord

In his message for Lent, Pope Francis refers to the initiative, '24 hours for the Lord ' in this extract: "Let us not underestimate the power of so many voices united in prayer!   The ‘24 Hours for the Lord initiative’, which I hope will be observed on 13th and 14th March throughout the Church, and at diocesan level, is meant to be a sign of this need for prayer."

The Diocese of Limerick intends facilitating this initiative, which will take place in St. Augustine's Church, O'Connell Street, Limerick.
It will begin on Friday afternoon, 13th March after the 4.00pm Mass and conclude on Saturday afternoon, 14th March, after Mass for the Sick, which begins at 3.00pm.   In between the various liturgies there will be Eucharistic Adoration, with priests available for confession. You are welcome to participate in this initiative.   Parishes have been asked to consider taking an hour’s slot for Eucharistic Adoration and invite members of choirs to join them to punctuate the hour with some singing.
This is the link for further information available here.

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